greater goods: 145 w. el roblar dr.
greater goods is an interactive community space & 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to local art, craft, learning & togetherness.

we invite you to join us by stopping by, staying a while, & should you feel akin, becoming a member or making a donation.

Greater Goods offers live music, educational talks, classes, workshops, film screenings, and more. Be sure to visit our calendar for additional events. Signing up for our weekly-ish newsletter and following us on facebook & instagram are also good ways to stay in-the-know. If you are interested in booking an event or collaborating please contact us by emailing See you here!

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Thomas Fire Relief Benefit
at Handmade Makers Market

Silent Auction Raffle
Sunday, January 21, 2017, 11am-3pm

Poco Farm: 182 S. Lomita Ave

Hope to see you at the community Handmade Makers’ Market at  Poco Farm.

Originally scheduled for December 5, we are so honored to be part of this event and so grateful to Poco Farm and many of the makers for participating in a silent raffle to raise funds for the greater goods  relief fund.

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Greater Goods Relief Fund

the greater goods relief fund is dedicated to those in the ojai area who have significant losses & little support.  we are currently focused on ojai area residents affected by the thomas fire & are prepared to respond to potential winter floods or slides.

our template is fairly simple: 100% of donations go to those in serious need of support. 50% is shared as cash aid at the end of each month & 50% is put aside for long term aid.

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25K Matching Gift from Direct Relief!

We thank Direct Relief for providing thousands of free masks to those in the effected area during the fire and for their continued support to our community and so many others around the world in their time of need. Direct Relief has offered a $25,000 Matching Gift to the Greater Goods Disaster Relief Fund, and has underwritten several months of administrative costs. This insures the fund’s sustained support with 100% of donations going to those effected by the Thomas Fire.

Workshops Series

Seven Sessions! Tuesdays,  7-9:30pm January 2 through February 13

The Phoenix Cycle

Community Healing Event with River Sauvageau and Susan Kelejian

Fellow community members, River and Susan  invite you to sign up for this free event that they are offering to our community as we re-group after the fire. It’s one evening a week for 7 weeks. We ask for a commitment for the 7 weeks as it is progressive and each week builds on the previous one. We will culminate with an “Initiation by Fire Mandala”.

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First Wednesdays of Each Month

Healthy Deliberations Series

Hosted by Livin Guide

Healthy Deliberations is a monthly gathering with an intention to develop a place and a protocol where disagreements are discussed in a friendly manner, with the goal of understanding and appreciating other’s perspectives when we are in opposition.

The goal is for all of us to learn and grow into better communicators to avoid stress from conflicting views on pertinent issues.

We will use a multitude of techniques to keep us timely, civil and make sure everyone is heard and respected throughout the discussion.

We appreciate and promote passion without dogma. We need everyone to have open ears and hearts, and practice being courteous, concise and non-judgemental in sharing their views.

Each month will have a different currently polarizing topic.

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Little Footprints

Last Sundays of each Month

Little Footprints Series

monthly gathering on the last sunday of each month focused on ways to more gently impact our environment: talks, docs, & group projects in collaboration with local environmental leaders around ideas such as permaculture, grey water, alternative energy, upcycling, bicycle advocacy, food awareness, sabbath economics, reducing single use products, supporting & creating reusables, sustainable farming, carpooling, co-housing, & other sensible sensibilities. walk the talk by joining in a plastic free organic pot luck.all ages welcome.

presented by Ojai Valley Green Coalition, Greater Goods, & California Solar

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Past Events

ella and sage
the Cosmic Children surf film
Morning of the Earth Film
Ojai Bake & Gather
turner & friends
OHMME & Alina Bea