A Call for Friendship

in considering what membership means here at greater goods, we’ve realized that a better word for it is friendship!  being a friend to greater goods means supporting the dream of an abundant & inclusive community space in whatever ways you can :

make a donation :

consider what you or your family can afford to donate to help ensure the survival & health of this community space.  donations help to pay the bills & provide a modest salary for the folks who oversee day to day operations (not quite minimum wage yet but we hope to meet that goal soon).  100% of our live music, films, workshops, discussions, & support circles are donation based & open to all ages (up to parents to decide whether the content is appropriate for their children).  donations can be easily customized to be one time or monthly. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation is tax-deductable (tax ID #81-4553170)  for donations larger than $250, so give big if you can!

host a fundraiser / friendraiser :

use the space here at greater goods or the place of your choice (home, business, park, etc.) to gather some friends & encourage them to become friends of greater goods as well.  email us at info@greatergoodsojai.org if you’re interested.

rent the space :

greater goods is available for rent for private gatherings at $35 an hour.  friday or saturday nights require a buy out for $250 or $300 if gathering includes amplified music. rates are flexible for non-profits & for gatherings that support our mission.

volunteer :

there are a variety of ways for you to donate some time to help keep this place alive & well, from helping at the door to putting up posters, assisting with media, ect.  If you’d like to volunteer, please fill out the short form on our website at www.greatergoodsojai.org/getinvolved

take leadership :

we hope the relaxed environment here encourages neighbors to dive in & participate, so if you have something you’d like to share with the community please let us know!  it seems to be a universal truth that we all have something to share & something to learn from each other, so let’s get on with it! active connections in a neutral space like this help to build a healthier community!  offerings can be one time events or an ongoing monthly or weekly series. examples include eric hodge’s sabbath economics,” the girl’s empowermentconversation on racism,” heath perry’s healthy deliberations,” the collaborative little footprints,” river sauvageau & susan kelijian’s phoenix cycle,” brian & lisa berman’s compassionate listening,” maegen phaneuf’s learn english/aprende inglés,” grace fellows/towse concert residency, peggy la cerra’s living mind,” joslyn lawrence’s death cafe,” amber deylon’s gg jamboree,” jack weber’s climate change circle,” & more.  these unique series have been invaluable in adding diversity & consistency to greater goods.

curate an event :

if you know someone in town who you’d like to see share their gifts here, or if you have a friend visiting from out of town, please let us know by emailing us at info@greatergoodsojai.org