December 2017 Fundraising $15,000

Starting in early December, all donations were directed to the Relief Fund. Donations came in through donations from $25 to $3000 in the form of cash, checks, and donations through our online donation form.

How funds were distributed
$7,500 in cash distributed evenly to 55 people on Saturday 12/24/2017

Long-term aid
$7,500 was put aside for long-term aid.

January 2018 Fundraising $60,000 +

$60,000 was raised in the month of january, through individuals and foundations but largely due to Handmade Makers Market and Direct Relief.

Handmade Makers Market
With 10% of all sales, 100% of raffle tickets and auction items, and all beer sales from Topa Mountain Brewery  donated to the fire relief fund, $30,000 was raised in a single day during this beautiful community event at Poco Farm.

Direct Relief
Along with an initial $25,000 matching gift, direct relief also granted our fund an additional $20,000 that was specifically marked for immediate use.

How funds were distributed
$53,250 shared with 48 households (110 individuals) on 2/4 at greater goods. Amounts varied depending on criteria created by the fund’s advisory board.

Long-term aid
$30,000 into our long term relief fund.

Who received funds?

The graphs below reflects data from our fund’s applications from. Along with personal outreach and shared data, the information submitted helped the advisory board identify various degrees of need.

Rent or Own

87% of applicants were renters.

Household Income

Majority of applicants’ yearly household income was under $60k.

Is any of your loss covered by insurance?

77% of applicants were not insured or under-insured.

How many members in your household?

35% of applicants had over three members in their household.

Did you experience a loss of income as a result of the fire?

Nearly all applicants’ lost income as a result of the fire.

Do you have a gofundme campaign or similar fundraising efforts?

Most applicants had a GoFundMe or were pursuing other fundraising efforts.