September 11 discussion

what happened?

monday, September 11, 2017, 7pm

since 2001, much war has been waged & countless lives have been lost in the name of 9/11. there has also been a significant loss of liberty, justice, & decency, both here in america & abroad. whether left or right leaning, major media outlets have given almost no time or consideration to the serious & valid questions raised by families of the victims, first responders, pilots, engineers, military brass, scientists, & others who have been brave enough to question the deeply flawed official narrative & who have called repeatedly for a truly independent investigation.

please consider joining us for a simple video presentation & respectful discussion as we mark the 16th anniversary of this fateful day, with the hope that we might see the world we live in a bit more honestly & demand the same from our media & government. if you happen to know of some especially compelling video or text that would add to this exploration, or if you are willing to help moderate the evening, please consider emailing us at . as the mural that just got painted over in meiners oaks said, “peace is the real power.” thank you & we hope to see you monday. (the suggested donation is to support the space & the work that goes into presenting such things).

$5-$10 suggested donation