Thursday Night Films by the Malloy Brothers

Thursdays in October, 7:00pm

10/4: Thicker Than Water

We kick off a month of thursday night films by the malloy brothers (the ojai/ventura ones) with a screening of the Y2K thriller, thicker than water, a film that played a major roll in rejuvenating surf culture after a long spell of fast paced trick flicks.  i’d have to check with alanis, but it may be ironic that the film’s cast & creators were very much at the center of the so-called momentum generation.  however, chris malloy & jack johnson were both raised on plenty of the dream drenched surf films of the 60s & 70s, as both their dads were part of that golden age of surf culture.  the film is shot entirely on 16mm & gets at the heart of what it means to fall in love with riding waves.

there is a 51% chance that director chris malloy will be joining us for a q&a afterwards. 

all ages welcome.  donation door.

$10 suggested donation