CEDARS & Special Guest

Sunday, August 12, 2018, 7-10pm

Join us in welcoming this soulful group from Texas along with a special guest (TBA).

Cedars is more than a band – it is a collective of people who believe that beauty will change the world.

A mixture of formal education and self-training, Cedars is helmed by Drew Heaton and Sandeigh Kennedy. Together they direct Cedars and combine their talents to develop unique music with a genre-defying style. Poring over sounds and textures, they find the right instruments, both traditional and experimental, to tell their heartfelt and beautiful stories as honestly as possible.

They believe that music is there to hold us up, to fill us and expand us, to make space for suffering and for celebration. They believe music allows us to heal and to spread joy. Life and music blend together for them, and Cedars is their way of sharing that with everyone around them.

your $10 suggested donation goes to support the evening’s musicians and further the mission of greater goods! Thank you!