Healthy Deliberations

Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 7-9pm

Technology: Helpful or Hindrance?

Join Heath Perry and Dan Malloy as we discuss pertinent questions around Technology:

  • What affect are computers and smart phones having on our health?
  • Are there ways to develop a good and productive relationship while offsetting any negative effects in the use of technology?
  • What is the optimal amount of time to spend on, and away from, our devices each day?

We will discuss and deliberate these and other related questions in circle format where everyone gets equal chance to share questions, thoughts and wisdom.

About this series:

Healthy Deliberations is about bridging differences through healthy round table conversations.

What we hope to foster:
– finding our voices
– listening and respecting other people’s opinions, especially in disagreement
– being more open to seeing another point of view
– learning that being right may not be as important as getting along

$10 suggested donation