Sacred Circle Gathering

Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 7-10pm

Local Business Owner, Community Organizer and Elder, River Sauvaugeau will be hosting her Sacred Circle Gathering at Greater Goods this month on the night of the New Moon. The New Moon brings the dark of night when, because we cannot see her, we can see the stars beyond.

Kilaeuea and Volcan de Fuego are erupting and New Earth is being made. This process of destruction and creation is happening on many levels right now. New Earth is coming forth, is being made.

You are invited to come and sit together in the Sacred Circle where we may speak from the heart in a safe place, a space that is consecrated with prayer and song, a place where we may bear witness to ourselves and each other with compassion and love. A deeper wisdom is revealed when we allow our vulnerability to be expressed and witnessed with acceptance and love.

Hosted and led by River Sauvageau this sacred circle gathering will be held at Greater Goods on Wednesday June 13 at 7pm until 9pm.

Please BRING A CANDLE & CUSHIONS to sit on. If you can’t sit on the floor there are chairs available.

All genders are welcome. This is non-denominational earth based spirituality and all religious and non-religious beliefs are accepted and welcome.