Screening and Discussion of Adam Curtis Documentaries

Sunday, September 24, 2017, 6-9pm

Big thanks to Johnny Misheff for curating this night: a peak into the wide & wild documentary work of Adam Curtis, which will surely stir up some nutritious dialogue.

Curtis is a legendary UK documentarian who’s somehow convinced his employer, the BBC, to let him have carte blanche access to their entire archives and he has absolute final cut over all his projects. They are stark, sometimes gory but always beautiful works of art, filled with revealing glimpses at overlooked but critical junctures/moments in our history. Fascinating stuff.

Below, see a must-watch video which sums up the type of stuff we’ll be screening and subsequently discussing

**Bring food to eat! To share or not to share! This event dips into dinner time so bring something to munch on. We’ll take a little break around 8pm so we can shovel our food in and get back to it.

***100% of proceeds will go to Greater Goods.

Suggested donation is $5-$10