folk steady 2018

folksteady vs superbowl at Ojai Rancho Inn

Ojai Ranch Inn, 615 W. Ojai Ave

sunday, february 4, 2018, 1:00pm, $5 , kids free

A monthly Sunday matinee acoustic series, with a handful of local talent — family friendly — Come make a day of it.

This Month:

The Toy Shop Ghost
Toy Shop Ghost Art/Plunk, Surrealist Americana. Story songs about homesick astronauts, Aliens posing as Pilgrims, and WW1 flying aces. Jim Connolly’s previous projects include The Gove County Philharmonic, The Gove County String Quartet, and writing/performing with The Lit Moon Theatre Company.

Bluemoon Singers
Sofia Burke and Izadora Fleetwood are two twelve year old ukulele players who live in the hills of  Ojai, California. The girls started playing together last summer 2016 and never looked back. The Blue Moon Singers have played  concerts on all of the stages of Ojai for the past year including,  The Deer Lodge, Caravan OutPost, Euterpe Farms, The Rancho Inn and others. They play a mix of original songs and covers. The Blue Moon Singers love their ukuleles more than anything, they play morning noon and night (especially when there are chores to be done in the yard)  they will without fail, be found singing their hearts out working on  new songs instead.

Chasing Rainbows
In one of the Netherlands seediest and most notorious dive bars “The Diepte,” which literally translated means “hell” I met the drummer from our band. He got asked at the last minute to sit in with a local band and unleashed one of the most incredible percussive experiences I have ever witnessed. At the time I was also playing drums in a few different bands over there, so that created an instant connection and respect. Basically that was the start of an inseparable friendship and musical bond, he asked me if I wanted to come over to his studio and record a few of my songs and we have been doing bands together ever since. -Lawrence Rengert

The Chillz
brotherly cousins jeff lennon & vaughn montgomery take leadership turns on guitar & piano with original tunes & occasional covers in the vein of hank, neil, townes, & the band. thoughtful viking soren mitchell thumps & taps the drums. eric sullivan sets free melodic ribbons & arrows from the guitar, & oliwa newell keeps the creek deep & groovy on bass. if time & space allow, we like to include josh moreau, oliver cornell, ted lennon, tom lennon, aaron embry & or others…